Millions of native wild animals are caught or killed by wildlife services in the name of environmental conservation. The reckless behaviour of these people has been destroying these animals’ natural habitats and has forced many of them to roam out of territories, making them vulnerable to poachers and hunters.

Wild animals need access to a certain range of their natural habitat in order to flourish naturally. While the government has delegated certain areas that should be only for wild animals, there are not many laws that can protect these animals in the need of the hour.

There are only two laws in every state for wild animals:

  1. To govern the period and place for the hunting of these animals
  2. To prosecute people who act outside of the law to harm these wild animals

Wild animals are known to exhibit a high level of emotional intelligence and also play an important role in sustaining our natural habitat. The ecosystem is balanced by both the flora and fauna, and we need to act so as to preserve both of them.

While these animals are best kept in their natural habitat, we should always be ready to extend a helping hand to these creatures in their time of need.