Farmed Animals

There is an estimated number of 650 million animals that are slaughtered annually for food every year in Canada. Most of these animals are raised and killed in inhumane conditions, which are surprisingly legal in the majority of the cases.

Despite the abuse faced by such a large number of animals, there are minimal or no laws that are in place to protect these animals. Our legal system has been designed to protect these industries in order to benefit the billion-dollar meat industry in the country.

Some of the common and cruel practices revealed by activists are:

  • Confinement of animals in such small cages, disabling them to even remotely manoeuvre around the cage. Animals are even forced to eat, sleep, and defecate in such a small space.
  • Removal of animal parts such as their tails, beaks, horns, or toes without the use of anaesthesia
  • Systematically starving hens in order to restart their egg-laying cycles
  • Mercilessly killing of animals with objects
  • Separation of calves with their mothers in order to produce fresh meat, causing mental and physical distress to both of them
  • Force-feeding animals with special dietary substances in order to produce special meats for various delicacies

The Farm Animal Welfare Law in Canada enforces animal welfare throughout the farms of the country. Legislative amendments have been put in force since 2005, which aim to criminalize such inhumane treatments of farm animals. Several state enforcement agencies have been put in place by the government which aims to protect these laws.

You can play a part in protecting these animals by adapting to a more plant-based diet. You can also help spread the word on how the food people so deliciously feed on was something that had feelings and could feel pain just as well as a human.