Animal Protection Laws of Canada

This is a compilation of the top resources for law students, legislators, and legal professionals who want to make a difference in this field. A comprehensive collection of all the animal protection laws, these collections are further bifurcated on the basis of various regions.

Each part of the document starts with a detailed overview of the various provisions covered under the law, followed by the complete body of statutes. These provisions are further categorised into areas pertaining to their application and procedures. The final part generally lists out the penalties and fines that can be imposed under each law.

We recommend you to always cross-check the document of the laws with an official source because of the dynamic nature of most of these laws. Some of the categories that are presented in the quick-reference table of the report are:

  1. General prohibitions
  2. Classification of crimes
  3. Penalties (including a table of maximum penalties)
  4. Exemptions
  5. Restitution / Reimbursement of Costs
  6. Seizure / On-site Supervision
  7. Possession of animals
  8. Cross Enforcement
  9. Veterinarian Reporting / Immunity
  10. Law Enforcement Policies
  11. Fighting
  12. Illegal trading