About Us

We at Oasis HD believe that every animal should have an equal opportunity to a healthy and safe lifestyle. Our little companions have been sharing the planet with us since the inception of time. However, with us being the superior race, we have pushed back several of these animals to the verge of extinction.

In an effort to assert our dominance, we have taken several steps which have made our companions threatened and cut-off from a safe and healthy lifestyle. We at Oasis HD – Canadian Animal Protection have made it our mission to protect these animals and safeguard their living interest by fighting through a legal system.

We achieve our objectives through the following ways:

  • Filing high-class impact lawsuits in favour of laws regarding animal conservation and protection
  • Providing free training to legal prosecutors who are fighting against animal abusers to make sure that the guilty are punished for their crimes
  • Encouraging and providing law students as well as professionals with adequate knowledge and resources to advance in the field of animal law

Till date, our efforts to safeguard animals have managed to gather the support of more than 100,000 activists, legal advisors, attorneys, students, and other supporters. Together, as a team, we have been making daily efforts to expand the reach of animal law and to make people aware of the rights and laws regarding them.

We are a non-profit organisation that has been certified by Canada’s seal of excellence that ensures the effectiveness of our programs and the cost of our day-to-day operations.