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Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian About CBD Oil for Dogs

Due to the level of sensitivity on the subject matter and the uncertainty of the actual effects of CBD oils on dogs, discussing the topic with your veterinarian can be a tricky and uncomfortable discussion. Some states do not allow veterinarians to recommend, prescribe or even discuss CBD for dogs.

Reasons Why Veterinarians Can’t Discuss CBD with Their Clients

Despite the recent relaxation of CBD restriction since 2018, there is still little research on the effects of cannabis use on dogs. Veterinarians are still technically restricted from the rights to administer, dispense, discuss, recommend, and prescribe cannabis and its products (unfortunately, CBD is a product of cannabis) to pets.

CBD treats for dogsUnless changed in the future, your veterinarian could be disciplined, and legal actions were taken against them if found guilty of breaking these laws. They could have their license suspended or even revoked. Hence, you will find that most veterinarians try to avoid the topic of administering CBD to either dogs or any other pets.

Although no state currently allows veterinarians to prescribe or recommend any CBD products for pets, some states now allow them to discuss the subject matter.

The reason for this restriction is that there is yet to be any sufficient scientific proof to show whether or not CBD is safe for pets or its supposed treatment effective.

What Your Veterinarian Can or Can’t Say About CBD for Dogs

According to the current laws at the federal and state levels, your veterinarian is currently not allowed to talk about specific topics, or perform certain tasks, as related to CBD.

Your veterinarian is not allowed to do the following.

  • Suggest the administration of CBD as a treatment or medication for your dog.
  • Recommend any cannabis products (including CBD) for your dog.
  • Administer cannabis products to your pets during treatment.

Depending on your state and the laws currently existing there and the state’s regulatory board, your veterinarian may be allowed to discuss the topic with you to some extent. For example, they could talk freely about the potential benefits, dangers, and possible side effects of administering CBD to your pet.

Best Ways to Bring Up the Subject Matter

As veterinarians who are specifically trained in the act of treating and caring for your pets, they are undoubtedly the best people to see when it comes to your dog’s health and well-being. Unfortunately, veterinarians are limited by what to say to you or do for your pet regarding CBD and its administration.

You should, however, note that you, as the dog owner, are not restricted either technically or legally to bring up the topic with your veterinarian. Hence, feel free to ask any questions you may have relating to CBD oil or eatables for dogs.

Listen carefully as the veterinarian replies to questions he can answer within the legal or technical boundary. Note that the veterinarian knows what he/or she can or cannot say to you.

Possible Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian About CBD for Dogs

Ask if they are allowed or willing to discuss some topics regarding CBD for dogs.

When bringing up the topic of CBD for dogs, you should first ask if they are technically allowed to discuss the issue. For instance, you can ask if the veterinarian can discuss the possible side effects of CBD on dogs. You will receive a positive reply if allowed, which is your cue to ask more questions.

Ask your veterinarian to enlighten you about certificates of analysis and what to look for when reading them.

The certificate of analysis covers all you need to know about any CBD products. To determine if the said product is beneficial or harmful to your dog, you must first understand what to look for in the certificate’s contents. Your veterinarian may give you clues on what to check.

Ask if he can analyze the possible effects and benefits of administering CBD to your dog in a particular condition.

This question allows the veterinarian to tell you all they can say about CBD for dogs. All you need to do is take notes and ask questions where necessary.

Ask if he can recommend a book, resource, or publication you could read to understand CBD for dogs better.

While veterinarians may be restricted from discussing specific topics relating to CBD for dogs, they are not prohibited from reading and researching the subject matter. The veterinarian can advise you on trusted articles or books to read for better understanding.

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