Lacoste Features Endangered Species as Logo in Place of Its Iconic Crocodile

Lacoste Features Endangered Species as Logo

One of Lacoste’s trademarks is its very iconic logo – the crocodile. You see a polo or custom tote bags, no matter how plain it looks, with a crocodile logo on its chest, you automatically think “Lacoste”. It can also be the other way around, you hear the name “Lacoste”, and you instantly think of crocodiles. This just proves the point that Lacoste and its crocodile logo have always come in pairs.

That is until the brand decided to feature other animals, endangered species specifically, as their logo. No, this doesn’t mean that Lacoste would drop its crocodile. In fact, polo shirts that would feature these endangered species would only be limited.  This is a product of the brand’s partnership with IUCN Save Our Species. It’s their attempt to make people more aware of these endangered species, and maybe urge them to do something about it. What’s more interesting is that the number of polo shirts for each species corresponds to the number of animals each species has left. There are ten endangered species that the brand has put on its polo shirts.

Anegada Island Iguana

Anegada Island Iguana is the oldest species of Cyclura, a lizard family. As of the moment, it is said that the number of these iguanas has declined to lower than 500. The reasons for the decline are said to be competitive grazing with untamed and local livestock, and feral cats and dogs prey upon them.

Sumatran Tiger

These tigers are from Sumatra in Indonesia. Their number is down to below 400, and the reasons for the decline are deforestation and poaching.


Saola is one of the most uncommon huge animals in the world. The main reason for it being endangered is poaching. The number of the species is now down to below 400.

California Condor

These are the biggest kind of wild birds in North America. Their number is down to lower than 500, and the cause of their almost extinction is lead poisoning.

Cao-Vit Gibbon

Cao-Vit Gibbons rank second in the list of rarest apes in the world. Their number is less than 200.

Kakapo Parrot

These parrots mainly reside in England. Although breeding them has given positive results, their number is still down to less than 200.

Rhinoceros of the Sonde

These rhinos have been going extinct due to poaching and loss of habitat. Their number is shockingly down to less than 100.

Northern Lepilemur

They are also known as Sahafary Sportive Lemur, and their number is sadly down to below 100.

Batagur Turtle of Burma

These are large turtles mostly found in South and Southeast Asia. Their number is now less than 50.

The Gulf of California Porpoise

The lowest number in the list would be the California Porpoise or Vaquita. Their number is down to around 30.

These aren’t the only endangered species in the world. The good news is that we don’t have to be as big as Lacoste to do something about it. We can do something as simple as wearing custom t-shirts to raise awareness and hopefully prevent these species from being totally extinct.

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