Oasis HD News Florida Legislative Session for 2019 Begins

Florida Legislative Session for 2019 Begins

The upcoming Florida’s legislative session will be one of the busiest for laws and regulations relating to animals and leather used on recliners. Several organizations from all over the world have pitched in their ideas, such as environmentally friendly cookware to further regulate and enforce laws relating to the protection of land and marine life by using the correct fishing rig. Making sure the kitchen faucet is environmentally friendly is very important too.

One of the top agendas of this session would be to fight to release the captive orcas that have been held in various amusement parks such as the SeaWorld. The fight would be to ensure that this generation would be the last one for orcas held in captivity.

Other practices such as puppy breeding mills as well their commercial sale would be contested in the session. These pet store lobbyists are pushing for a law which would prohibit the city or the state council to enforce any kind of ban on them or even nullify the existing bans.

Other items on the agenda include:

  • Enhancing the fine on injuring service class animals
  • Prohibiting the sale of fins and other marine life parts in the open market
  • Empowering veterinarians to report animal abuse to activists and police officers

The Canadian Animal protection agency is working towards enforcing legislative to impose these rules in favour of all kinds of animals.

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