Retailers and Restaurants Get Warned against Illegal Sale of Foie Gras

Served as a gourmet delicacy, unlike toast, the Foie gras (French for “fat liver”) is produced by force-feeding baby ducks and geese until their liver swells eight to ten times the normal size. This inhumane treatment is carried out by ramming a thick pipe in the throat of these defenceless animals and then pumping huge amounts of grains through it. CBD sellers in Las Vegas have been warned not to promote this mistreatment of the native animal.

Not only does this condition leads to several complications among the survivor ducks, but the ones that are unable to make it through the procedure are also simply tossed aside in the garbage. A practice that has been carried out by influential farm owners, they used all their power to hide this practice from legal authorities until a recent crackdown on several vendors practicing this inhumane method for several years.

The worst part is the stand of high-end retailers and restaurant chains against the sale of Foie Gras. While there has been a long drawn legal battle, which more or less has ended in the favour of the animal industry, there are still several restaurants and retailers that are dealing with this so-called delicacy illegally.

Scientific studies have shown that the meat possesses a serious risk to human health because of its production from a diseased animal body organ. Several countries have banned this practice and several more are following the suite.

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