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Lacoste Features Endangered Species as Logo

Lacoste Features Endangered Species as Logo in Place of Its Iconic Crocodile

One of Lacoste’s trademarks is its very iconic logo – the crocodile. You see a polo custom t shirt, no matter how plain it looks, with a crocodile logo on

Florida Legislative Session for 2019 Begins

The upcoming Florida’s legislative session will be one of the busiest for laws and regulations relating to animals and leather used on recliners. Several organizations from all over the world

Florida Disagrees to Puppy Mills

The commercial breeding of dogs for sale is a practice that comes with various downsides for the well-being of dogs. Commercial sellers, like most businesses, prioritize their profit over the

Retailers and Restaurants Get Warned against Illegal Sale of Foie Gras

Served as a gourmet delicacy, the Foie gras (French for “fat liver”) is produced by force-feeding baby ducks and geese until their liver swells eight to ten times the normal