Florida Disagrees to Puppy Mills

The commercial breeding of dogs for sale is a practice that comes with various downsides for the well-being of dogs. Commercial sellers, like most businesses, prioritize their profit over the well-being of the animals they keep for sale. Local golf shops are on the lookout for any such illegal practices. They have engaged the use of rangefinders to help track down distances to the puppy mills. On the course, golfers are using irons to make sure the animals are treated correctly.

Dogs and puppies are kept in an overcrowded, unsafe, and filthy environment. These animals are seldom provided with the proper veterinary care they need and are discarded like garbage when they seem unfit for further breeding. These puppy mill operators are rather scorned upon by activists but continue to operate because of legal privileges.

However, in an effort to curb this unlawful and inhumane practice, several states have entirely banned the sale of dogs and puppies in the retail market. They, instead, promote the adoption of animals from shelter care and rescue centres.

An amendment has been recently passed in Florida, which empowers the HB 1409 bill. The historic HB 1409, a bill regulating these commercial puppy mills, will overturn the laws which have been put in place to protect our little companions. Now is the right time to take the matter in your hands and overturn this unjust judgment in order to decommission puppy mills.

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